Tom Brady advertises for Ugg now.

My post is not about Uggs. Or Tom Brady. Well, it’s indirectly about Tom Brady.

I grew up with cable television. My husband grew up without it. When we got married, we decided we weren’t going to get cable. It was primarily a financial decision, but we also wanted to avoid being “one of those couples.” You know who I’m talking about. The ones who don’t actually interact with each other because they’re too busy staring at a TV screen.

Our plan started off well. We played games and read books and adjusted to living with each other without the distraction of sitcoms or dramas or comedies. Dave stayed connected with recent news through work. I was busying setting up our home and looking for a job. Who needed TV? No big deal.

Except for the football.

You can find pretty much any TV show online these days. Even the live shows like So You Think You Can Dance become available online, and the only inconvenience you suffer is being unable to vote during the results show. But football…you can’t find football online. Dave and I both love watching football. We watched football together in college (because even though neither of us had cable in our rooms, we could always find somewhere on campus to watch a game).

Our first football season as a married couple, we went out once in awhile on the weekends for either a Patriot’s game (Dave’s favorite team) or a Greenbay Packer’s game (my favorite team). And after the Patriots clinched a playoff spot and Greenbay had a wild card game, we knew we’d be going out even more frequently.

The real dilemma occurred when the Packers made it to the Superbowl. We didn’t have any friends who might invite us over. Dave’s grandparents have cable but they were two hours away and we both had to go to work the morning after the Superbowl. Going to a bar to watch it wasn’t appealing – we’d already done that many times, and this was the Superbowl, with one of our favorite teams. We ended up renting a hotel room to watch it, which was a lot of fun.

After the Superbowl, we went back to not caring about TV. Except now it’s football season again. So here’s my first confession…

The cable guy is coming tomorrow afternoon to set us up.


One thought on “Tom Brady advertises for Ugg now.

  1. love this!!! HAHA i remember when you guys got a hotel room for the packers game! so romantic. you both are precious. i’m a little jealous of the cable… and i doubt you will be on of “those couples”. LOVE the new blog… i will become an avid reader.

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