We’re finally getting a bed!

It’s about time, too! Why is furniture so expensive? The only reason our apartment is furnished is because we have such loving family and friends. Seriously – our couch, recliner, table, chairs, desks, everything was a gift. Who cares if most of them are hand-me-downs. Each item reminds us of how blessed we are. We also have three very cool pieces: my father-in-law made us two bookshelves and a matching deacon bench. I love them. They are a constant reminder of what wonderful in-laws I have!

Back to the bed situation. We’ve been sleeping on a mattress for the last 11 months. Actually, for the first two months we slept on the “mattress” from the pull-out couch Dave’s grandparents gave us. In January we bought a real mattress from IKEA. It’s really comfortable, so we haven’t minded sleeping on the floor that much.

Plus, we have a lot of great memories from our year without a bed. When we were sleeping on the pull-out mattress, we’d have to put it back in the couch if we had anyone over so they could actually sit on it. One night when Dave’s brother visited, we decided to just sleep on the pull-out couch. We learned quickly that if you sleep too far forward on it, it tries to fold in on itself and eat you. And when we bought our real mattress, it was a lot more exciting than if we’d bought one right from the start. One time I brought the two little girls that I take care of over to our apartment; when they saw our mattress on the floor, before I knew it the two year old had whipped off her shoes and was jumping on it. It was cute!

But I’m still glad we’re getting a real bed before our one year anniversary. It makes me feel more grown-up and less collegiate. And I won’t have to haul myself up off of the ground every morning. Or worry about falling over from dizziness if I stand up too fast.

What “necessity” did you do without when you got married? Are your memories good or bad?


3 thoughts on “We’re finally getting a bed!

  1. HAHA! I can just imagine you and dave being “eaten” by that bed. so funny!

    You’re not a true “newlywed” unless you have ghetto furniture. Nothing matches, or even coordinates in our apartment. We have this “pull out” couch, inspired by the 70’s. Its tweed-green and blacked striped…and it itches to sit on. thankfully we got a couch cover (that was too small for its boxy-70’s design), that creeps up and exposes the pattern.

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