Exploring New Hampshire

I feel like I was remiss this summer at exploring New Hampshire. There are tons of fun, inexpensive outdoorsy things to do around here and we didn’t do any of them. Maybe because I’m not outdoorsy.

But this past weekend, we ventured out into the White Mountains of New Hampshire! Dave and I headed up to his parents’ house on Friday night. Saturday morning I helped split fire wood. For someone who is not outdoorsy, I do a lot of outdoorsy things at the Gernhards – split wood, move logs with an excavator, shoot guns (alright, I only shot a gun once…I don’t really like it), drive a dump truck. Supposedly these things are good for me since they shove me out of my comfort zone.

It was a gorgeous weekend – highs in the 80s Saturday, Sunday and even Monday. We left for the mountains around 11:30 since it did take awhile for it to really warm up and we went in the open air Jeep. It was very windy and quite chilly at first, but it was a great way to see the foliage and experience the mountains. I’m going to stop writing now and just post the pictures, because in this instance, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Our first (and favorite) stop through the mountains).

David and me.

View from atop the mountain.

We drove the Kancamagus Highway.

Outside a general store on the way home.

Another view from the Jeep as we drove.

Nature declares God's glory!

The Bretton Woods resort (by Omni). David was very interested in this place because some historical meeting was held here...clearly I was paying attention.

We didn’t do any hiking while up in the White Mountains, but on Monday (Columbus Day) we met some friends at Mt. Major, which overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee. We hiked to the top and the view was amazing!

A snapshot of Alton Bay as we drove to the trail head.

This was about halfway up.

There's me, looking pale.

You could see all of Lake Winnipesaukee.

View from the very top! Getting up here was more like rock climbing than hiking...

The top...we went down a different way on the other side of the mountain.

Seriously, so pretty.

We're ready for Everest! 🙂

Who knows where we’ll go next!


4 thoughts on “Exploring New Hampshire

  1. you’re TINY!! who are you!? seriously…awesome.
    Beautiful photos…. that looked like a blast. that must have been gorgeous

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