Confessions of a Pinner

I’ve been total blog slacker in 2012. I know the five people who read this blog have really missed me and I don’t want to let them down any longer. 🙂

Pinterest is all the rage right now. If you haven’t heard of it (which is unlikely if you spend anytime on Facebook or other social media), it is a virtual pinboard. It enables you to organize and share what you find on the web – clothes, recipes, home decor, events. You can browse other people’s pinbaords for inspiration and re-pin your favorites. I don’t use Pinterest regularly but I do enjoy pinning recipes and really yummy looking food. Lately I’ve been trying a lot of the recipes on my pinboard. Recipes may look good in a picture and sound tasty, but you never know unless you try it. Some of the recipes were a success, others are better left as a picture. Here are my thoughts on the recipes I’ve tried (the pictures are from the original website or blog – I am not a skilled enough blogger to remember to take pictures of everything I make, nor do I have a decent camera).

Santa Hat Brownies – these look adorable, right? I made them for our Christmas party. Mine were not quite as adorable, but still looked pretty cute. They were relatively easy to make, too.   

Peppermint Oreo Truffles – Another Christmas party treat. You’ve probably heard of oreo truffles before and this was a delicious Christmas version. Guests of our party referred to them as “chocolate bombs” and “chocolate heroin.” Extremely rich, so one batch goes a long way.  

Pepperoni Bread – When I was growing up and we lived in New Jersey, there was this place that made the best pepperoni bread. I have such fond memories of it that I wanted to try making my own. This is the easiest recipe ever. The “loaf bread dough” is a little vague, so I just picked up a Pillsbury Italian loaf from the store and it worked great.           Cheesy Vegetable Chowder – Dave really enjoyed this chowder; I was on the fence about it. I liked the veggies in it (I added more than the recipe called for). But when I took it for lunch the next day, it wasn’t very filling. It also took awhile to make, despite the fact that I prepped everything the previous night. 



Polenta Stuffed Peppers – I liked this, Dave didn’t. I’m not sure I made the polenta quite right, it was a little soupy but had good flavor.





Chicken Enchilada Soup – I had really yummy chicken enchilda soup at my pastor’s house and I should have just asked Allie for the recipe. This one was totally bland and not my favorite. 


Spinach Ricotta Mini Lasagnas – these were pretty good! I love the wonton wrappers…they are easy, taste great, and are less calories than pasta. I found the basic recipe for this a little uninteresting so will definitely kick it up next time and try different fillings. 





So there you have it – my pinterest recipe breakdown so far. I’m sure I’ll be trying more in the future. Have you found a favorite recipe through Pinterest? Do you enjoy looking at food as much as I do? I don’t get on Pinterest a lot, but when I do, I just look at recipe after recipe and wish I could make all of them. I also pin a lot of baked goods because I would love to open a bakery one day.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Pinner

  1. I’m pumped to see you liked the lasagna! I couldn’t find wonton wrappers here in our little grocery store in the mountains, so haven’t made them yet. BUT saw them last trip to the store so I will now! I loved a lot of the breakfast recipes I’ve pinned. Very easy and delicious. My favorite soup recipes have been the Broccoli Cheddar Veggie soup and the Chicken Taco soup. I think I’ll do a pinterest recipe post on my blog too! Great thinking 🙂 I always love to see your cooking adventures. You inspire me! And you have great taste on pinterest…I always re-pin your stuff 😉

  2. dude.. i want some of that chowder right now….
    and the oreo truffles (i hate when people call them “cake balls” or “oreo balls”… it does not sound appetizing) are amazing!!! We’ve used peppermint oreos, and all different types of chocolate on top. i once used a peanut butter chip over the chocolate oreo…SO good!!
    i want to bake together sometime soon

  3. if you like to cook you should totally check out America’s Test Kitchen if you haven’t already. I have never had a recipe they have done that I didn’t love! 🙂 I have some cook books you could borrow 🙂

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